Soy Ana María, online Spanish Instructor and founder of Acento Clases. Learn to speak Spanish with me, tu amiga colombiana. In addition to Spanish, Acento now offers classes in English, Italian and Portuguese via Zoom.

The Learning Process

El Proceso de Aprendizaje

Learning a language can be an uncomfortable and not-so-fun process. I’m here to be your friend and guide who will give you the confidence you need to master the Spanish language. I will teach you tips and tricks to make learning Spanish a little easier. It doesn’t happen over night. But through consistency and conversation, poco a poco, my students gain fluency.

Acento's Mission

La Misión de Acento

The heart of Acento is a philosophy. It's more than learning Spanish; it’s about creating friendships, una comunidad global, where we can feel supported in exploring the world outside of our own bubble. Acento is a place we can grow together by asking questions and making connections with my other students through a private Slack channel and Facebook group. This is a community where we can share, where you can find people to travel with and discover new places.

Cómo funciona

How it works

Acento offers three types of classes to fit your language goals. All classes are private one-on-one Zoom sessions designed specifically for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced student.


Focuses on verbal skills in order to speak Spanish with confidence. Converse about travel and culture, using popular phrases and expressions.


Focuses on the nitty gritty, the mechanics of Spanish, how to write with precision. Exercises emphasize conjugations, spelling, and sentence structure.

Conversación y Gramática

A combo class that focuses on both verbal and writing skills: 30 minutes of conversation and 30 minutes of grammar exercises.

What you will learn in an Acento class:

Write, listen, read and speak at an intermediate or advanced level
Correctly pronounce all the words in Spanish
Everything related to grammar, tenses and verb modes
Introduce yourself and give basic information about yourself
Talk about your likes or dislikes also your hobbies
Being able to speak Spanish with native speakers and being able to travel and have better communication in Spanish-speaking countries
Classes with a native teacher so you will learn native slang


I love working with Maria! As someone else mentioned, it's like meeting up with your friend BUT your conversation is entirely in Spanish I really love that we are starting from the basics to make sure I have a truly fundamental understanding of verb tenses, etc. Maria is also incredibly patient with me as I fumble through my limited vocabulary. I have already learned so much and look forward to learning even more. I highly recommend her!

Jamie Pittman


Learning Spanish with Maria has been beyond helpful! She takes away the formal setting of a Spanish class and makes it more fun as if l'm learning Spanish from a friend. Recommend to anyone wanting to learn Spanish! Gracias, Maria!

Vanessa Leeann


I've been taking classes with Maria since January of 2020 and my Spanish has improved a great deal since then! One of the biggest problems with learning a new language is having the confidence to speak. Maria is great at making you feel comfortable, has great energy, and excellent at making conversation. You can talk to her about anything!

Nick Hodge

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