Una entrevista con Ana María

An interview with Ana María

What interested you in becoming a Spanish instructor?

Everything had changed when I realized that I could help others achieve their goals by teaching my native language.

When did you get the idea to teach online? How did Acento come to be?

The idea was born when my British friend wanted to learn Spanish. She told me that my accent was very easy to understand. After some time teaching, I felt the desire to help more people.

What are your tips for speaking Spanish and learning a language quickly?

It is helpful to be clear about why you want to learn a new language and for that reason to be strong so that you can put everything into practice. The main thing is to practice at least one hour a day by watching television or Netflix, listening to radio or music, and change your cell phone to Spanish. At first you may not understand everything, but it will help you to learn new words and remember them easily.

What are the most important things to know when you travel and how can someone be a good tourist?

The most important thing is to find accomodations in a safe, secure place and where there are many activities to do. In my case as a nomad, it is important to be close to many places and not depend on transportation. I like to be able to walk to restaurants, cafes, gyms and tourist places. To be a good tourist, it is important to follow the rules or regulations of each place.

What have you learned as a nomad?

The locals of each city become like your family and the food that is original to that destination becomes so unique that you cannot eat it in another place.

How do you live out of a suitcase? What are your tips for living simply.

My best advice is not to get attached to the material things. When you are at home and in your city you want to buy many things. The more you travel, you will start to see that life becomes simpler. Then you realize that there are a variety of experiences even more beautiful that fill the heart.

What is the best place you’ve visited?

Patagonia is the best place I have visited so far. The mountains, the rivers, the houses and the people are incredible. It is the perfect place to get away from the noise of the city, have some time without internet and just see the beautiful landscapes.

What are the best words or phrases to know?

El pasado te deprime, el futuro te genera ansiedad pero el presente es el mejor tiempo para vivir.

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