People who change your life in seconds

Leer en español: Personas que cambian tu vida en segundos

Can someone influence you even if you are the strongest person in the world? Have you wondered about this too? I was asking myself a long time ago and the truth is that other people have changed my life. Many have done it willingly and others without wanting to. The ones I want to focus on are the people who change your life without saying a word to you, those people who fill you with life with their smile and show you that there is love in this world. I am a person who loves to give love and I think that you receive love as you give love. So I want to receive a lot of love.

Sometimes the attitudes of some people change you and you inadvertently start to have negative thoughts. But then those people come to change your life and show you that love can be given, that others can be changed with a smile. When I talk about changing others I mean helping them take off their armor and feel because many people wear their armor all the time and it’s hard to feel them, it’s hard to touch them. But I want to thank this group of friends that I met in the Philippines for giving me a smile, for teaching me that you can give smiles that change your life and that you can give love. But above all I want to thank Jonno for accompanying me in the most difficult moments of my life, thanks for being there when I cry, when I laugh, when I don’t want to leave the house, when I don’t want to eat, thanks for being my travel companion. But also thanks to people who have helped me to be a better person every day. Maybe I never thank you, but all of you have helped me change. That change is to be grateful for what I have, for what I don’t have and for what i will have.

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