What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone say they are a nomad?

Leer en español: ¿En qué es lo primero que piensas cuando escuchas a alguien decir que es un nomad?

If this question had been asked to me a few years ago, perhaps I would say that a nomad is a person who travels a lot. Someone who has a dream life because they can see the world, work from where they want, do what they want, when they want. But now, after living a nomad’s life for 5 years, I see everything in a different way.

From my personal experience and from my point of view, I think that a nomad has many problems. When I lived in my house in Colombia, I dreamed of traveling and seeing the world, but I just thought about only traveling around the holidays or on vacations.

Then, when I started living in more places, home felt different. I began to understand that I can never go back home because now home I consider the whole world. When you spend more than a month in one place, you get bored and feel trapped.

That’s the first thing, but the next thing is that I will never be able to work in an office like I normally did again… Now I prefer to go to a cafeteria to enjoy a coffee, open my laptop, use my headphones and listen to my favorite music.

Finally, the third thing I think about is that I no longer mind buying things or at least overdoing it, since I don’t have space in my suitcase to carry more than what really matters. So I started to prioritize what is important. Before, I enjoyed shopping and acquiring many things, but now I only want what I really need and not what comes up on a whim.

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