Maria is the most wonderful Spanish tutor! She is funny, patient and I love how she teaches! My Spanish gets better every single time I have a session with her. I highly recommend!!
Heather Adair

Maria is a wonderful teacher and makes it super fun!!
Rachel Murphy

I've been consistent for many weeks now and find it helpful to have conversations verses just a lecture you would get in a classroom setting. I highly recommend taking classes at least 2x/week. If I could swing it with my work schedule I would totally do 3 times a week. Your Spanish will dramatically improve with Maria!
Lorena Lee

She is incredibly helpful with conversational Spanish.
Dawn Lewis

Best Spanish lessons so far! And you can't sneak and speak English. I can hold a full conversation for an hour, and more and more is starting to STICK! Can't wait to travel again and speak with locals. I take 2 sessions per week.
Michelle Weinstein

I am very happy I found Maria to take Spanish classes with. Each class is enjoyable, Maria is very funny, and we focus on actually learning how to have conversations. My Spanish has improved a lot in a short amount of time.

¡Muchas gracias Maria!
Aaron Straker

Maria is a great teacher. I am brand new and she is working with my huge learning curve well.
Heather Cunningham
Leah Goldstein testimonial

I would highly recommend Maria if you’re interested in learning Spanish. She’s patient and fun and challenges you. I’m excited to see how much I’ll learn this year!
Leah Goldstein
Emily Hoelzli portrait

I highly recommend Ana for Spanish lessons! Ana is patient, knowledgeable, and fun to talk to. She keeps classes interesting with a mix of grammar lessons and conversation. I look forward to my lessons each week!
Emily Hoelzli

Learning Spanish with Maria has been beyond helpful! She takes away the formal setting of a Spanish class and makes it more fun as if l'm learning Spanish from a friend. Recommend to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!

Gracias, Maria!
Vanessa Leeann

I've been taking classes with Maria since December, and can't say enough good things! Coming into it, I thought I just needed a lot of review since I took Spanish in school, but it had been about 10 years. Turns out, what I needed most was the confidence to speak, and Maria makes the lessons so comfortable, fun, and low-pressure. My Spanish has improved greatly, but l've also made a fantastic friend in the process! Would recommend her to anyone!
Sophia Thompson

I lived in a Spanish-speaking country for 1 year, where I got to learn and speak Spanish well. I wanted to keep my Spanish up because I thought it would be a waste not to. And I'm so glad that I found Maria, because l've learned a lot from her and I have received compliments from locals too. I can talk about anything with her and she's actually become a friend!
Lilia Battem

An immersive experience that is perfect for English speakers who are wanting to learn fluent Spanish quickly! Highly recommend if you are looking for a virtual teacher.
Laura Hughes

I love working with Maria! As someone else mentioned, it's like meeting up with your friend BUT your conversation is entirely in Spanish I really love that we are starting from the basics to make sure I have a truly fundamental understanding of verb tenses, etc.

Maria is also incredibly patient with me as I fumble through my limited vocabulary. I have already learned so much and look forward to learning even more.

I highly recommend her!
Jamie Pittman

I love my Spanish classes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Maria makes learning fun, and I like how she adjusts the class for my goals and my level. Highly recommend!
Jenny Blake
Jumah Aburezeq testimonial

Working with Ana has been such a joy! She's really helped me take what I learned in Spanish and become confident in conversation. I've been to Guatemala, Peru, and mexico since working with her and the locals are always impressed when I practice speaking to them! Highly recommend Ana 🧡🙏
Jumah Aburezeq
Joe Hulse portrait

I am delighted to recommend Maria for learning Spanish. She is patient and flexible with passion for teaching her students. I took Zoom lessons and within a short amount of time I made major progress. I became more confident in speaking and communicating with native Spanish speaking people. You can trust that Maria can help you improve no matter what your current level of speaking Spanish may be. Have fun learning Spanish!
Joe Hulse

Amazing teacher with positive attitude and individual approach to teaching! Highly recommend!!!
Ekatherina Goryachikov

The classes are excellent! I am learning more and more each week. Ana Ruiz is very patient and helpful. I highly recommend the class. I am also considering the class for my daughter.
Paul Douglas

Maria is an amazing teacher and will really help you learn Spanish!!
Mashair Johnson

Yes a very friendly and excellent teacher! She also has great prices.
Maurice Johnson

I've been taking classes with Maria since January of 2020 and my Spanish has improved a great deal since then!

One of the biggest problems with learning a new language is having the confidence to speak.

Maria is great at making you feel comfortable, has great energy, and excellent at making conversation.

You can talk to her about anything!
Nick Hodge

She’s so great to work with and is very helpful. She is patient as you learn and works with you at whatever level you are at! Highly recommend!
Breanne Sypherd

Maria is an exceptional teacher! She is very detailed oriented and organized with her lessons. I’ve gained so much confidence in my Spanish and she continues to pushes me. ¡Muchas gracias por todo, Maria!
Bianca Patt
Ashley McCarthy portrait

I have learned so much over the last few weeks! Whether you are new to Spanish, or looking to improve your skills, I highly recommend these lessons!
Ashley McCarthy
Dajon Medlock portrait

The best Spanish teacher in the world! I highly recommend taking her classes! You will be an expert in Spanish in no time.
Dajon Medlock
Savannah Banker portrait

I highly recommend Ana! I enjoy my Spanish lessons twice a week and am confident I will be able to communicate more fluently in Spanish very soon! It has been a joy getting to know her.
Savannah Banker
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