People who change your life in seconds

Can someone influence you even if you are the strongest person in the world? Have you wondered about this too?

Learn Spanish as a foreign language

Mastering a language other than the native one constitutes an interesting intellectual challenge, which will undoubtedly lead us to take advantage of new opportunities.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone say they are a nomad?

If this question had been asked to me a few years ago, perhaps I would say that a nomad is a person who travels a lot.

Letter to my students

Some of you I have known for what seems like forever and others I have just met a few months or days ago. This letter is to thank you for all the love you give me everyday.

Why study Spanish?

Studying a new language is always a good idea but studying Spanish is now a trend. Spanish is the third most spoken language after Chinese and English.

Difficulties learning Spanish

When we decide to study a language other than our native one, we think above all about which language will provide us with the greatest advantages to achieve our purposes.
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